Last updated January 2020

Kyneton Football Netball Club Vision

We aspire to be the premier community sporting club on and off field in the Macedon Ranges, and provide a welcoming environment for all members, guests and residents our diverse community.

Kyneton Football Netball Club Values

 The Kyneton Football Netball Club aims to provide an opportunity for the youth and young adults of our district to participate in Australian Rules Football and Netball to enhance their health and wellbeing through organised sport.

The Club, will always strive to:

  • Provide for the health, welfare and wellbeing of its players, supporters and spectators;
  • Maintain a sense of social and community values;
  • Create an environment to nurture the physical and mental development of youth;
  • Provide competent coaches and assistants;
  • Provide accountable leadership and management of the club;
  • Ensure regular communication and consultation with players and parents;
  • Provide equal opportunities for everyone;
  • Support those that support the club;
  • Be respectful of officials, opposition players and supporters;


Kyneton Football Netball Club Mission

 Where do we want to be in 2020?

  • Successful both on and off field / court;
  • Embraced by the community with a strong identity;
  • Strong community presence beyond sport;
  • Focal point for the community in Kyneton and surrounding areas;
  • Strong pathway with schools in the immediate area and building partnerships with local junior football and netball encouraging the transition to senior grades;
  • High retention rate of football and netball playing members;
  • Potential hub for other sporting bodies;
  • Our youth aspire to be senior football and netball players with the club;
  • Financially secure and generating diverse income streams into the future;
  • Increased membership base;
  • A modern management and staffing structure;