Kyneton Football Netball Club Values

‘Together we are strong’


We aspire to ………

  • play as one Club, while fostering TEAMWORK and a unique culture for all Tiger Teams.
  • encourage each player to experience and enjoy the culture of football and netball, and to have FUN in playing sport.
  • inspire in our players a strong ethic where DISCIPLINE, integrity, humility, and passion combine into a strength of character.
  • foster an environment of TEAMWORK, mutual trust, dedication, and RESPECT.
  • develop a framework for achieving EXCELLENCE, for both our players and coaches.
  • the very highest standards of play.
  • create Tiger ambassadors respected by the Kyneton community and our sports.

Our goals are ………

  • to build from the ground up an inclusive football netball club that fosters all levels of play, including juniors, youth, FIDA, reserves and senior programs.
  • to encourage the development of a family culture, providing the warmest welcome to new players/families and providing mentoring support for all.
  • to create a unique Tiger spirit where everyone is engaged with the Club off field and wants to help (volunteer) and give back.
  • to create a professional football netball Club with a strong connection to the Kyneton community that reciprocates with passionate and engages members that support future growth.
  • to develop premiership teams that have a solid Tiger identity.
  • to provide access for our players and coaches to continually develop to be the best that they can be.
  • to be a caring home Club for players who are training and playing away at higher grades.