FIDA Football

Football Integration Development Association

Players of all abilities enjoy a caring environment that promotes fitness, fun, friendship and a real sense of belonging. Participation develops life-skills, self-esteem, confidence and improved health.

F. I. D. A. Inc. is a non-profit organisation whose purposes are to:-

1. Initiate access for persons with an intellectual disability to the game of Australian Rules Football.

2. Develop, manage and promote a football competition relevant to the skill level of persons with an intellectual disability

3. Create necessary skills and confidence in the participants so that integration processes can develop.

4. Encourage existing generic community groups to include persons with an intellectual disability into their clubs.

5. Promote integration to sport providers to encourage a receptive environment which will accommodate the needs of people with intellectual disability.

6. Liaise and co-operate with all organisations that have comparable objectives.

7. Consult with the AFL and relevant councils, individuals and organisations for people with disabilities regarding the competition’s progress.

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FIDA Football Contacts

Coach:  Pete ‘Yappa’ Connors

FIDA Manager: Debby Fraumano


Contact: 0403 343 705